Caving is a totally new world for most people with adventures to be found in large caverns, underground streams, waterfalls and small tunnels. Caving also provides an opportunity to explore the geology of limestone and science of cave formation. High Points can provide the caving experience to suit you whether a challenge filled trip full of tight crawls, abseils and steep climbs; a gentle trip to experience the cave environment or anything in between.

Pot holing is generally regarded as trip where the cave (or pothole) is descended using ropes. High Points can provide trip whether you're a beginner who just wants to experience the thrill of dangling on a rope while descending a cavern with only your head light to pick out the way; or you want to learn more about rope work and the techniques of this amazing sport.


A Typical Session:

A caving day will start with the issue of your equipment and a briefing of how to use this for your own safety and comfort. Once everyone has fitted all their equipment it will usually be a short walk to the cave through typical Dales scenery on your way your instructor will most likely describe some of the features of the landscape and how they relate to the cave morphology below your feet.

On reaching the entrance to the cave you will have a final check of equipment and will receive some basic instructions on how to look after yourself, the rest of the group and the cave. The instructor will choose an entrance appropriate to the needs of the group.

Once into the cave the instructor will talk to you about the caves and point out different features of this unique environment. You  should emerge from the cave being able to identify stalactites, stalagmites, flow stone, calcite, straws as well has knowing about how the caves were formed.

As you progress through the cave you will meet different challenges from, waterfalls, small climbs, traverses, stream ways and tight squeezes. At all times your instructor will assist, encourage and guide you through these challenges.  If at any point you don't feel happy with the way your instructor will usually be able to take you on an alternative route and will never push you beyond your limits. You will also be able to experience what it feels like be in total darkness which few people have genuinely experienced other than if they have been in a cave or a mine before.

If the group is up for it the instructor will set you the challenge as a group of finding your way through a section of cave without him, this will of course be done in a safe area and with the appropriate safety instructions. 

By the end of your trip although you may be a bit damper and have found a few muscles you didn't know you had, you will also have witnessed a totally unique environment that exist nowhere above ground and over come with the assistance of the rest of your group all the challenges of the cave.


What we provide:

Fleecy under suit, over suit, wellies, wetsuit sock, gloves, headlamp and all technical equipment.

What you need to bring:

Swimming costume or underwear, thin thermal in cold weather and a complete set of spare clothes.

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