White water canoeing & kayaking

WW Canoe 1.JPGA Typical Session:

Meet the instructor at the venue; here you will be issued with the appropriate clothing and equipment.  You will then be given an introduction to your boat and brief safety talk. As we want you to spend as much time on the water as possible the instruction on the shore will be kept to the minimum. Depending on your previous experience the instructor will teach you the basic to get going.  On the river you should have the opportunity to run rapids, be taught to surf waves, ferry gliding, to break in and out of the current.  Once the boats are returned to the trailer then it will be time to get changed and return the equipment before a well earned hot drink.

What we provide: A modern multi purpose kayak with paddle and spray deck, Wetsuit, waterproof cag, buoyancy aid and helmet.

What you need to bring:  Swimming costume or trunks fleece or warm top, trainers or water shoes.


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