Mountaineering & Hill walking

The opportunity to spend a day or half day on a journey in the hill or mountain environment. Hill days will be tailor-made in terms of length, height and difficulty, to cater for the needs of individuals and the group.

Experience the satisfaction of successfully using a map to navigate, the reward of making it to the summit, and the enhanced self-esteem that comes from being able to look after and motivate yourself, and those around you, in sometimes difficult conditions.

At High Points we can train you  in all the skills that you will need to explore the hills and mountains of this country.  Get trained in mountain navigation, wild camping , river crossing, movement and how to stay security on steep ground, emergency procedures; mountains weather forecasting; what equipment to use when and how to pack it.

What we can provide:  water proofs, walking boots; rucsacks and camping equipment

What you need to bring: personal clothing

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