Rock Climbing

Have you ever wanted to scale a Lakeland crag? Whether you just want to experience the thrill of climbing, to learn the skills to climb independantly, or scale a particular Lakeland classic - High Points can help you get there! We can provide anything from half a day's climbing on a valley crag to a full day ascending a multi pitch mountain route.


A Typical Session:  Meet the instructor close to the venue; here you will be issued with the appropriate clothing and equipment. It will then usually be a short walk to crag. When you arrive at the crag you will be given a brief safety talk.  We teach you some basic skills for moving on rock then often offer a chance to practice with some low-level scrambling to develop these skills. Once everyone is harnessed you will be taught how to attach to the rope and how belay (the method of holding the rope through a mechanical friction device for your climbing partners). Our instructor will guide you towards climbs that provide the right level of challenge for you. You will have an opportunity to try a variety of climbs which our instructor will choose to challenge everyone but also allow success.


What we provide:

  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Personal and group safety equipment


What you need to bring: 

  • Warm outdoor clothing
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