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Equipment for Hire

Cost of Single Day Hire

Cost of Extra Days

Item Details

Open Canoe £30.00 £20.00 Comes with 2 buoyancy aids, 2 paddles, a dry bag, a bailer and 2 waterproof cags
Kayak £25.00 £10.00 Comes with a buoyancy aid, a paddle, a dry bag, a spray deck (where required) and a cag

Trailer of 8


£200.00 £180.00 Comes with 16 buoyancy aids, 20 paddles, a dry bag, a bailer, 16 cags and 4 rafting spars with straps

Trailer of 8


£180.00 £120.00 Comes with 8 buoyancy aids, 8 paddles, dry bags, 8 spray decks (where required) and 8 cags
Wetsuits £6.00 £3.00 3mm thick Long John-style wetsuits
Canoe Expedition Kit £15.00 £5.00 Includes: sailing kit, tarp, 2 large dry containers and canoe trolley
Extra Set of Canoe Kit £6.00 £3.00 Paddle, cag & buoyancy aid
Cag £3.00 £1.00 Waterproof spray top with neoprene cufts
Wetsuit Socks £2.00









  • Delivery of canoes is to Coniston Water or Lake Windermere. Delivery to other Lakes can be arranged.
  • Canoe helmets are also available on request.
  • Minimum boat hire two days or two boats.


For groups we also have a range of other equipment potentially for hire; including waterproofs, walking boots, rucksacks, sleeping bags, fleeces and raft building equipment. Please contact us for details.


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